APS-100X 100A AC to DC Power Supply 220V

  • 100A Output Circuit
  • 400A Output Circuit linked to up to 4 units 
  • 220V Input Voltage
  • Built in Cooling Fans
  • LCD Voltage Meter Included 
  • Intelligent 3-Way Protection Circuit
APS-100X 100A AC to DC Power Supply 220V
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With todays demanding demo, competition, and even marine audio set ups, supplying power while the vehicle is off or in doors becomes a challenge.  PowerBass has answered the call with our new 100A APS series Power Supply allowing you to supply your electrical system with up to 100A of current by simply plugging into any 120V outlet. 

Great for show room displays or demo cars and at indoor car show events, or even on your boat or RV with 12V power ran from your 220V generator running your 12V electronics is simple and easy.   Monitor your voltage easily with the supplied LED Voltage meter and reset assured that your electrical system and batteries are safe with our intelligent 3 Way protection Circuit providing boost , charge or maintenance when needed. 

Need even more power?  With the APS series power supplies you can link up to 4 units to supply up to 400A of current!

The APS100 is compatible with most 120V outlets, the APS 100X is compatible with most 220V outlets 



APS-100X 100A AC to DC Power Supply 220V