Xtreme Sound Processors

XEQ-4BT 4 Band, 3 Zone, Bluetooth Power Sports Equalizer
XEQ-4BT 4 Band, 3 Zone, Bluetooth Power Sports Equalizer
  • 4-Band Dual Zone Active Equalizer Bass, Mid-Bass, Mid, High
  • 3 Zone Volume Control and Output 
  • Variable Master Volume Control
  • Front Panel Selectable Inputs - Bluetooth, Aux, RCA
  • Front Panel Tri Illumination Selector - Red, Blue, Green
  • Front Panel Track Selector - Track Up / Down
  • 6V RMS output
  • Bi-Polar PWM Power Supply
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40KHz
  • Selectable 120/80Hz Subwoofer Crossover
  • Conformal Coated PCB 
PBX-DSP8 8 Channel Digital Signal Processor
PBX-DSP8 8 Channel Digital Signal Processor
  • Digital Signal Processor for system integration.
  • Wireless / APP Control compatible with PBX-DSP8.
  • Auto Turn on with DC Offset
  • High and Low level input
  • Low Level user adjustable Outputs
  • 8 Channels input / 8 channels output
  • Amplifier remote turn on with user selectable delay

Processing Features:

  • 32-Bit Digital Signal Processing
  • 31 Band User Adjustable Equalization per channel
  • User Adjustable Delay and Gain per channel
  • User Adjustable Crossover Network with adjustable slopes 6 - 48db
  • User Selectable Phase control per channel 0 / 180 degrees
  • Adjustable input voltage per channel pairings  250mV - 9V
XEQ-9XO Equalizer
XEQ-9XO Equalizer
  • 9-Band Active Equalizer
  • Bi-Polar Mosfet PWM Power Supply
  • Frequency Response: 20HZ-40KHz
  • Variable Subwoofer Frequency Roll-off 30Hz-120Hz
  • Front Panel Source Selector
  • Independent Subwoofer Volume Control
  • Front and Rear Output Fader
  • 2 Low Level RCA Inputs: Rear Aux and Rear CD
  • 3 Low Level RCA Outputs: Sub, Front and Rear
  • EQ Centers: 50Hz, 120Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz & 16kHz