PowerBass Autosound S-10T, S-10TD Thin Subwoofer

S-10T, S-10TD Thin Mount 10" Subwoofer

Don't Let the Thin Size Fool You


  • Thin Mount Woofer Design 
  • Fiber Composite Turbine Basket
  • Single Piece Custom Injected Molded Cone
  • Large Roll Rubber Surround
  • Oversized Motor Structure
  • Dual And Single 4-ohm Voice Coils
  • 2" Vented KSV Voice Coil Former
  • Chrome Push Terminals
  • Optimally Designed for Small Sealed Enclosures
Don't Let the Thin Size Fool You

Our new Thin Woofers are only 3.25" deep but don't let its lean size fool you, these woofers are big on bass. We gave our engineers the dificult task of builiding a thin woofer that was up to the PowerBass reputation of great performance at an exceptional value.

Starting with our proprietary polycarbonate/glass fiber composite frame, we built a basket that is stronger then steel and lighter then cast aluminum. Our unique one piece cone is another break through in woofer technology, more durable then paper, this injected molded cone is able to withstand the abuse that comes from delivering deep bass in a small enclosure.

By adding a tough wide roll rubber surround and 2-inch vented voice coil, we were able to develop a woofer that has the ability to play loud in small places. The PowerBass Thin Woofer makes true bass a reality. 

S-10T, S-10TD Thin Mount 10" Subwoofer Specifications

Size: 12in

Power Handling
300/600 watts

Nominal Impedance: 
Single 4-ohm or Dual 4-ohm

Voice Coil Size: 2 in

Frequency Response: 
34Hz - 400Hz (Single)
33Hz - 400Hz (Dual)

Sensitivity: 90dB

Cutout Diameter: 9 3/16" (233.0mm)

Mounting Depth: 3.25 in

T/S Parameters

Single 4-ohm
VC Impedance: 4 ohm
Test Impedance: 3.2
Fs: 40.6 Hz
SD: 363 sqCM
Vas: 18.43 Ltr
Cms: 98.49 µM/N
Mms: 156.3 g
BL™: 12.6
Qms: 3.494
Qes: 0.803
Qts: 0.653
No: 0.148%
Spl: 90 dB
Xmax: 6.8 mm

Dual 4-ohm
VC Impedance: 4 ohm + 4 ohm
Test Impedance: 6.3
Fs: 37 Hz
SD: 363 sqCM
Vas: 20.86 Ltr
Cms: 111.4 µM/N
Mms: 166.4 g
BL™: 16.41
Qms: 5.896
Qes: 0.93
Qts: 0.804
No: 0.109%
Spl: 90 dB
Xmax: 6.8 mm